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The importance of ash

Although your ash says goodbye to you at different times while still enjoying your cigar, it shares a lot of information about your cigar and you, both as long as it is with you and when you say goodbye.

The most important and first information of ash begins with its color. The more white or light gray your ash gets at the time of its formation, the more fertile and high-quality soils your cigar leaves grow. Unless you bought your cigar cheap. Because while cheap cigars are produced, different substances can be mixed with the tobacco and the soil in order for the ash to acquire this color.

When your cigar starts to burn and a certain amount of ash has formed, your ash has started to regulate the burning of your cigar. The fact that your cigar burns at a certain temperature, that is neither too hot nor too cold, but also homogeneously, will reveal the flavor you need to get from the cigar to your palate and increase your enjoyment. A heavily lit cigar will taste bitter, while a cold cigar will give incomplete taste. At this point, the ash is obliged to regulate the combustion in the cigar. For this reason, shaking the cigar ash like shedding the ash of a cigarette is both counterproductive to the raco and prevents the ash from doing its job. Of course, if the ash is too long, it also prevents the ash from regulating combustion. This situation can usually occur with cigars left in the ashtray for too long. However, normally the ash will fall off on its own during normal smoking without exposing you to it. This self-release of ash also means that the burning part of the ash remains in your cigar and you can continue smoking.

The ash of the cigar, which is extinguished and re-burned while its ash is on it, leaves a distinct blackness where it is burned. Your cigar may taste bitter, as a strong fire is required to re-light it while on the ash. Therefore, reburning should be done when the ash is shaken off.

After the ash falls, it is accepted that the remaining part takes a conical shape towards the outside. This indicates that the cigar is both well wrapped and tobacco (Volada, Seco, Ligero) is used in the correct proportions.

Dealing with cigar ash and understanding it is a matter of experience. As you pay attention to the above over time, you will surely have a good relationship with your ashes, and you will be able to read the messages he gives to you and those around you correctly.

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