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Chinese Pig Year Cigar from Davidoff

By January and February each year, China begins to celebrate its own New Year, aka Spring Break. Since it is calculated according to the lunar-solar calendar, it can be celebrated between the 20th and 21st of January and the 20th of February. The reason why the new year, which is set to be 5 February in 2019, is called Spring Break is the acceptance that the coldest days of the year are over.

This year, China will be celebrating the Year of the Pig. The year of the Pig, the 12th symbol of the 12-year cycle, will run from February 5, 2019 to February 4, 2020. Pigs, which are not considered as smart animals in Chinese culture, are considered lazy because they eat and lie down more. But besides this, they symbolize wealth for people because of their lack of evil and their calm disposition. In Chinese culture, those born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 are considered to be a pig sign.

Pig Logo.PNG

Davidoff is releasing a new limited edition series to celebrate the Chinese New Year this year as every year, Davidoff Year of the Pig. The box details are mostly red, as in other years, and the quality feel is quite high. Cigar extracted from 6 x 56 Toro Gordo vitolas, Ecuadorian Habana 2000 wrapper, Mexico San Andrés vineyard leaf and hybrid olor / piloto visos, piloto secos and piloto visos from the Dominican Republic; It also uses 5 infill leaves, Condega seco and Estelí ligero from Nicaragua.

A special ashtray was prepared for the series, which is expected to be presented to the market next week. Details, the first striking difference of the table, which looks like Davidoff's 50th anniversary ashtray, is that it is 2, not 4.

This series, which is more appealing to collectors, will be limited to 9300 boxes of 10 this year, and each of the cigars will be approximately USD 39.-. The ashtray will also be limited to 300 pieces, and its price will be USD 395.-.

Enjoyable smoking ...

Pig of the Year Davidoff
Pig of The Year Kül Tablası
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