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Falling Leaves ...

They say that every good thing has an end, but I don't want to believe it. The day comes, it will be a love, the day will come, this will be a drama you love ... Thinking about it, it's not wrong that there is some truth to it.

As I was browsing the internet last time, I wanted to share with you two of the news I read that would fit the phrase above.

The first of these is the news that with a decision taken by British American Tobacco, Dunhill, which has been a cigar and pipe brand for years, will now exit this market. It is estimated that this exit from the market will take about 12 to 18 months, and it is added that everything will continue as before until the preparations are completed. British American Tobacco, which will merge with the Reynolds American company, announced that Dunhill cigarettes (which do not concern us much) will remain in the market.

Alas, what shall we say ...

Another similar news is from Habanos. According to a list circulating on the internet, Habanos is removing certain vitolas of some of its brands and changing the packaging of some brands in 2017. Now if we need to touch on these one by one;

- A favorite of a cigar smoker, Vegas Robaina, unfortunately, Don Alejandro loses 7 3/5 x 49 Double Corona vitola. The loss of this vitola leaves only Hermosos No.4 (5 x 48) and Pirámides (6 1/10 x 52) vitolas left in the brand.

- Bolivar Tubos No. 1 (5 3/5 x 42) and Coronas Gigantes (7 x 47) cut their vitola and leave only 6 active vitolas left.

- Romeo y Julieta of all of us pulling Cedros de Luxe No.1 (6 1/2 x 42) vitola from the market. In addition, the 5-unit Petit Corona and Petit Juletas are also withdrawn from the sale. These will continue to be sold only through "Dress Box". Not finished, the box known as Los 3 Romeos and containing a piece of Romeo No.1, No.2 and No.3 is also discontinued.

- H.Upmann pulls Petit Coronas (5 1/10 x 42) and Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince (5 1/10 x 40) vitolas from the market.

- The José L. Piedra's Cremas line (5 2/5 x 40) and Petit Cetros (5 x 38) series produced as Tripa Corta are removed from the market.

Fortunately, the following are the changes regarding packaging mainly:

- Monte Cristo sees 5 changes, albeit only a change in packaging. The 10-packs of No.1 and No.3 are canceled and sales are continued in boxes of 25. No.3 will also be available in a box of 3. The Montecristo Petit No.2 and Montecristo Tubos lose their 3-pack. Both will continue to be sold in boxes of 10 and 25. And finally, Montecristo Petit Tubos, which is the same as No.4 but can be called the Tubo version, will no longer be sold in boxes of 10. and will only be sold in boxes of 3, 5 and 25.

We came to Cohiba, the brand of brands. Sales of Siglo V and Coronas Especiales in boxes of 5 are still standing.

Not over ...

- The Punch Punch and Punch Double Coronas finish their sales in 50s sliding lid boxes and continue to be offered in boxes of only 25. In addition, Punch Punch protects the 10 Tubos box.

- The 3-box sales of Partagás Coronas Senior and the 5-box sales of Trinidad Coloniales, Trinidad Reyes and Rafael Gonzalez Perlas were also canceled.

Habanos' changes do not have an exact date, but are expected to occur during 2017. Of course, cigars on the market should also be consumed in order to feel completely. Because products that are already on the market are not recalled.

Now I think we can approach this issue in two ways.

The first is of course with sadness, which I think would be the first natural reaction. After all, I know that some of the vitolas that have been removed in particular are those who love it a lot. Second, we can take a somewhat opportunistic approach to this issue. That is, if we have vitolas that are being withdrawn from the market, their value will increase and the same will be true for those in the market. From this point on, those who want to use this as an opportunity will turn directly to these vitolas as an investment.

Whichever way we approach it, it will make us all a little bit bitter to know that we may not be able to smoke the same again while we are still smoking the last remaining ones.

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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