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Voltaire Champagne and Cocktail Bar

Sultanahmet Prison, now Four Seasons Hotel,

Alcatraz Prison, current museum,

Oxford Prison, now the Malmaison Hotel.


Possible to increase the examples. Inspired by the famous French writer Voltaire, who lived in London for 8 years, Voltaire Champagne and Cocktail Bar is the prison of the old, today's cocktail bar and also one of London's new and popular cigar venues. In fact, the venue was used as a bank for a while. The bar is very popular during rush hour due to the fact that it is surrounded by offices. This old cezeavi, new bar, which is very close to St. Pauls Cathedral and easily accessible by train or metro, consists of both interior and exterior spaces. Inside there is a long American bar and lodges, as well as independent tables. Its interior is not that different from a normal restaurant environment. At the end of the bar, there is a humidor and cigars.

What I really like and what makes the place somewhat unique is the outer chambers, which were used as cells during prison time and as a safe during bank time. The Crowne Plaze Hotel building where the place is located and the building of these chambers are separate but so close that when you walk in front of the rooms, you feel as if you are walking in a narrow corridor. By the way, the hotel building is King Henry's Baldwell Palace and a second-degree historical monument. Each chamber or cell has a barred door that opens to the outside, this corridor, and has its own distinct name, such as The Aristocrat, The Talker, The Thinker. The sizes of each are slightly different from each other. For the winter months, all of them have their own heating and fur-covered sofas. Cells are perfect for groups who want to have fun or chat separately. There are high bar chairs and stands adjacent to the wall in the corridor in front of the cells.

The venue also has training seminars and tasting meetings on cigars throughout you. This makes it very easy for cigar lovers like us to become regulars of the place. International brands and vitolas are available as options in cigars. In addition to these, there are also limited regional and limited editions. A RyJ Wide Churchill and a Talisker cost around 10 GBP 45.- which is actually quite reasonable for London prices.


It is an interesting and enjoyable place where you can sit and smoke your cigar after a walk on the banks of the Thames and a tour in St. Pauls Cathedral. By the way, there are famous 5 o'clock tea services in the afternoon.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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