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Vitola Stories

Among the topics that often accompany cigar conversations are the names of the major vitolas, from where or from whom. I have been in one of these conversations in the recent past again. It was a topic I wanted to write for a long time, and this was a good opportunity and I decided to write about the vitolas I talked about there a little bit on the blog. First of all, the most known;

Churchill - 7 ”x 47

My favorite vitola and my favorite cigar at RyJ Churchill. I guess there is no one who no longer knows that Winston Churchill smokes cigars, and that he does not always appear without a cigar between his lips, except in his own words, when he was not asleep, which wouldn't take a few hours. Although this vitola, which is slightly longer in Toro, is referred to by Churchill, it is actually said that vitola was first made famous by France's Prime Minister during World War I, Georges Benjamin Clemenceau, for cigars of that size. However, after a person like Churchill smoked more, and after visiting the RyJ factory, RyJ took out the vitola by naming Churchill, which was instrumental in the name of this vitola being known with Churchill. By the way, this visit is proven by neither a photograph nor a document, except for an eyewitness who then worked as a young torcedor at the factory.

Rothschild - 4.5 '' x 48

Between two, a vitola stuck in a creek. A vitola thicker but shorter than Corona, thinner than Robusto. Although some Corona vitola cigars have a very enjoyable experience due to their blending, Rotschild vitola have a slightly more fun smoking than Corona's in general. The name Vitola was named after Leopold de Rothschild, who was also the grandson of the famous German banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild in the 1800s. Hoyo also made a request to the Monterrey factory to make a cigar that was short but rich in flavor so that it would not take much time while smoking. It turned out that the Rothschild vitola was born. In this vitola, compared to Corona, the filler tobacco blend has a greater effect on the flavor of the wrapping leaf compared to Robusto.

Lonsdale - 6.5 x 44

Thanks to the coal mines he inherited and 75 thousand hectares of land, 5th Earl of Lonsdale Hugh Lowther, who lived a very wealthy life, has lived a pleasant life by paying the right of this asset. The first automobile association is among the associations he founded, the first sports association for boxing. In addition, the indifferent love for cigars led to the birth of the Lonsdale vitola. Overall, a vitola where the wrap sheet and the filler tobacco blend evenly contribute to the aroma. It is a cigar of your choice if you have time in terms of being able to smoke for a long time.

Maybe we know more than those who do not, but I hope it was useful in terms of accompanying future conversations, or sharing with those who do not know.


Enjoyable smoking ...

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