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Come on, harvest time!

Cigar is a valuable product with a unique production process from the very beginning to the very end. In order to produce a good quality cigar, there are strict and well-established rules that must be followed from the very beginning to the very end. But the most important of these is the production and harvest of quality and correct tobacco.

Harvesting can be done in 3 different ways, giving different flavors to tobacco leaves and ultimately to cigars. The other day, as another cigar advertisement made this point forward, I wanted to share a little bit of detail in this article.

What are these methods and what are their differences?

The first method, as we all know soon, is to collect the leaves of the plant as the plant matures, starting from the lower leaves, about 7 days apart. This method is called Priming. They are called "sand leaves" because they are close to the bottom and first collected leaves and can be really sandy. Currently, the most classical and widely used method is this method. Leaves collected with this method change color more quickly during the fermentation period and become ready for use. Because they detach from the body, they tend to wrinkle more quickly. The flavors of the leaves vary according to the characteristics of the soil in which the plant grows.

The next method is more suitable for Broadleaf and Maduro leaf use. In this method, at the time of harvest, the leaves are collected by cutting the stem of the plant without detaching it from the stem. All at once and all at once. With this method called Stalk Cut - Stem Cutting , the leaves continue to be fed from the stem even after the harvest, even during the fermentation, since the leaves are not detached from the stem. So they take longer to puff and fermen, which of course delays their processing. These leaves, in terms of flavor, have a more earthy flavor than the tobacco that grows in the same soil but leaves and leaves are collected. At the same time, their surface becomes oily as they continue to feed on the body. They get a quite suitable look for Maduro wrap leaves.

The third and last method is a method that is not used much today and it consists of the combination of the above two methods. In this method, called Stalk - Priming, unlike normal harvesting, leaves are collected from above. But during picking, the leaves are not plucked from the stem. 20yy. This method, which is estimated to be used until the middle of it and on a very small scale, is both a long and costly method. At the same time, leaves hanging by their stems take up more space than normal priming, which is not much preferred. In this method, too, the leaves continue to be fed from their stems for a certain period of time, and their fermentation takes 2-3 times longer than priming.

I realized that the first two methods are really binding for us. Because the first one is used for almost every harvest, the second one finds itself a more limited area of use. It is especially important for us to distinguish, as the latter is used as a marketing method, in cigar advertisements and cigar boxes.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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