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Will the extinguished cigar be burned again?

The short and clear answer to this is; Of course it is burned. But you should also consider some things. As you know, cigars change the flavor while you smoke. A slight bitterness may appear in most cigars, with tar that builds up gradually, usually after drinking half of it. While some people like this taste and regard it as normal (which is normal), others prefer to end their cigars without burning them again if they have been extinguished for this reason. My personal opinion is that smoking cigars is a pleasure, I say continue how long you want to keep that pleasure, why stop it.

Going back to the issue of burning again, there are several reasons for a cigar to go out. One of them is that the cigar goes out continuously while drinking, as a result of being wrapped incorrectly or badly or being stored in a high humidity environment. Another reason is to keep the interval between bringing the cigar to your lips a little longer, or to let all of them go out before you can smoke due to time constraints.

Whatever the reason, you can light your cigar after it goes out, just like you first lit it. Occasionally, you just shake the ash at the end, the place comes, if it is distorted while it fades, you cut the tip and burn it again. Remember, the leaves on the inside of the cigar you re-burn will be darker, even black, than the leaves on the outside and near the outside. Therefore, even if the shape is intact, cutting the tip a little bit will make the bitter taste less noticeable. If you do not cut it, blackening and tar accumulation at the tip will be a little faster as fresh fire will come to your cigar every time you burn it again. You can also observe this from the partial blackness in your white ash that forms as you continue to drink.

As a result, the decision whether to burn your cigar that went out again depends on your habit. But as I said, why cut it halfway when we can enjoy it longer.

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