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There is a problem...!

A humidor is undoubtedly one of the most important accessories, and perhaps the most important, of cigar lovers, it would not be a lie. Because without a humidor, it is almost impossible for us to store cigars at home, at work or while traveling under suitable conditions. Well, once we get a humidor and put our cigars inside, do all our problems end? Unfortunately!


Those who follow the blog will remember from an article I wrote earlier. In order for a humidor to function properly, it must first be properly lathed, that is, its own empty humidity must be adjusted and stabilized so that the cigars you put will experience unwanted results and not spoil your enjoyment.


However, when using a humidor, people may face various distressing situations. Again, recently, with the information I found and compiled while trying to find a solution to a friend's question, this time, I wanted to talk about these problems and their solutions.

Cigars too moist and soft:

There may be two reasons for this. First, your cigars may be too close to the humidifier. Especially in small humidors, or in humidors with trays on the upper floor, it is a common situation. You can get the solution with a few practical changes. If your humidor is small or cramped and you cannot keep the distance between the cigars and the humidifier, then you can put your cigars close to the humidifier in aluminum tubes. Or, you can spread cedar pieces from the cigar boxes on the cigars that get too moist. This will reduce a little too much moisture and softening.


The second reason is that your humidifier is too big for your humidor. In such a case, you can either cover some of the openings of your humidity device, or you can use a smaller humidity device. Whichever solution you choose, keep a close watch on the humidity for a while in order not to dry your cigars this time.

Some parts of your humidor have moisture stains, while others feel very dry:

The first reason for this is that the tray blocks the air circulation and the moisture circulation with it, again in the humidors with trays. Some trays may prevent air circulation, as they do not have sufficient clearance either at the bottom or at the edges. It is possible to avoid this by drilling a little more hole in the tray or by purchasing an air circulation device. Example of air circulation devices, you can try Xikar's HumiFan.


This kind of problem may arise from the frequent presence of shelves in cabinet humidores. In such a case, it is possible to open between the shelves, to provide air circulation and to intervene in the situation. Also, the boxes should not be leaning against the back wall of the humidor.

Mildew smell inside the humidor:

If your humidor starts to smell musty, it could be a serious problem. Your humidifier may be too moldy inside your humidor, as it delivers too much moisture. Sometimes, this is a salvageable situation, sometimes unfortunately, you need to refresh your humidor. If the mildew is not deep, you can save it by emptying your humidor, leaving it alone, drying it, and perhaps cleaning the moldy spot with a little sandpaper (water sandpaper) if necessary. If the mold has gone deep and the cedar part of your humidor is damaged beyond recovery, unfortunately it is time to get rid of that humidor immediately.


Torn dressing leaves and burst tips:

This situation indicates that the humidity in the humidor is very volatile. Loaded changes in the humidity in a short period of time cause the filling leaves to tear the wrapper by force. You can get rid of this situation with a humidifier that is the right size for your humidor. Or do not change the number of cigars in the humidor too frequently. This can sometimes cause moisture fluctuations.

Your cigars lose aroma:

I have mentioned in different articles, you should choose the size of your humidor according to the number of cigars you want to store. For example, for just 10 cigars, it would not be right to buy a 50-foot humidor. One of the reasons is that your cigars will lose aroma. Since the humidor will be very empty in terms of volume, the flavors of the cigars may be lost. It is possible to solve this by putting cigars in the humidor by putting them in boxes. But the best thing would be to buy the right size humidor.


We see that although humidors are a fortress for our cigars, it is up to us to protect the castle and to keep our cigars properly.


Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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