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Which cigar is right for you?

Perhaps the most frequently asked but the only question with no definitive answer. It is the kind of answer that can be different for everyone, even for the same person, depending on the moment. Nowadays, when cigars are getting more and more popular, there are many types of cigars on the shelves as the producers make good use of this opportunity.

In my opinion, one of the "correct" answers to this question or one of the opposite questions is how long you have been smoking cigars in a certain order and how much taste you have developed. A beginner to smoke cigars may choose to smoke a cigar with a light or medium aroma, such as the Guantanamera or Fonseca brands. In addition, an Aficionado that can fully distinguish the aromas of the cigar, both on its tongue, palate and nose, would prefer a Cohiba, a Hoyo de Monterrey-style cigar with a strong aroma.

Therefore, the place where you buy your cigar and its employees play a very important role. They can introduce you to a beautiful hobby that will last for many years, as well as put you in a situation where you will not even want to smell the cigar ever again.

Besides, another criterion is how long you want to drink after burning your cigar. After a delicious and heavy meal, after a nice cognac or whiskey is installed on your leather barber, the cigar you will burn will probably be different from the cigar you will want to drink in a short time before you start the next activity of the day after a quick lunch with your friend outside. In the former, a Churchill or Toro can drag you into dreams, while in the second, maybe even an Entreacto or Monte Cristo Petit No.2 dimension will satisfy you.

In addition to these, it is known that those who attach importance to visuality and use the cigar as an accessory, choose cigars according to their face shapes. For example, those with round faces can avoid Panatela-style thin and long cigars, and those with long and thin faces can avoid Petit Corona-style short cigars.

The color of the wrapper leaves, which can give a lot of clues about cigars, can also be considered as a factor that can affect your choice. The number of people who want to keep Claro Claro (Candela) or Claro colored cigars between their fingers is not less than those who prefer Maduro or Oscuro color wrappers.

If we come to the essence of the matter, this process, which seems to be a difficult choice from color, length, ring thickness to aroma, will sooner or later turn into an easy choice that you develop according to your own criteria.

Even if you say I will get lost among so many details, as an old saying goes in Cuba; You should smoke cigars the size of 30 rings in your thirties and 40 rings in your forties. I'm sure this will make your choice quite easy.

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