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Should we hide it or keep it cellophane or not?

Cellophane has been used in the wrapping and packaging of foodstuffs since the times of the First World War. Unlike petroleum-based plastic bags, it is a material derived from natural resources - the processing of cellulose. Unlike most used plastic, it is a material that allows air and moisture exchange, albeit partially. These cellophane packages are also frequently encountered in the packaging of some of our cigars.

That's why, at certain times, the question hits the inbox of my e-mail account: Should we take our cigars out of their plastic bags and put them in our humidors or not? A point that can be confusing.

It would be correct to answer this question first with a more important point. That is, this material, as I mentioned above, is not plastic and is a natural material. If it is wrapped in your cigar or on food, it does not smell or color and allows it to breathe at a certain rate.


This transparent layer around your cigar has different benefits for your cigars. To list them briefly:

1. Since your cigar restricts the moisture transfer of your cigar, they do not pass the aging period fast. Since its direct contact with air is reduced, the oil inside the leaf and therefore the aromas do not lose quickly.

2. Due to the point we mentioned above, other cigars and their aromas are less likely to be private rooms than open cigars have less aromas than halvet. This is a matter of preference, though. While some smokers want them to be private, others may not be welcoming to the blending of aromas that much.

3. When you take your cigar from the humidor and carry it with you, even with a cover, there is a possibility that the wrapping sheet may be damaged. Cellophane helps you minimize this risk. This transparent layer provides extra protection to the wrapping sheets, which are at risk of tearing even when putting in and removing it. In addition, since the moisture exchange does not occur as fast as open cigars, if you do not store them outside the humidor in a humidified environment, even if you do not smoke that day, the cigars are still subject to minimal humidity change when you put them back from the cover.


As you can see, cellophane has no known harm to cigars. On the contrary, we can easily say that it is beneficial. Therefore, keeping your cigars with or without cellophane, storing, aging, etc. It's all a matter of personal preference.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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