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Each stout, separate yoghurt batch - Cigar Wrapping Techniques

Undoubtedly, there is a very beautiful idiom in our Turkish that we all use over and over again. Each stout has a different kind of yoghurt. As a result, yogurt goes down to the stomach every time, but the taste of the fast eater may differ from the taste of the slow eater. Although both of them enjoy cooling, one can enjoy the full flavor of yogurt with the opportunity of eating slowly.

Without further ado and confusion, if we come to the main issue of dairy products, let's create a statement that is relevant to our topic in parallel with the above: Each torcedor has a different blonde style. Although torcedors are not always able to wrap according to their own wishes, I would like to mention the winding techniques in the stage before wrapping the wrapper due to the pleasure we get from our cigars and its effect on taste. I will be listing the four main techniques below, from simple to difficult.

Lieberman Winding (Machine Winding)

This method of winding simply means that the filler sheets are placed inside the binding sheet on a canvas and wrapped mechanically. Although the torcedor is called machine winding due to the mechanical assistance it receives, it is also a method used for high-class cigars and is not seen as a loss of value.

Book Wraps

In this method, which is used in most high-class cigars today, due to its simplicity and speed, the filling sheets are placed horizontally on top of each other and closed with a binding sheet after closing like closing a single hand-held book. Unfortunately, in this method, since the air cannot penetrate all the leaves in equal amounts and at the same time during smoking, it may cause a loss of flavor. But it is used frequently due to its speed and tendency to mass production.

Accordion Wrap

In this method, as the name can be understood, the filler leaves are folded first one by one, from the outside to the inside and after they are put on top of each other, they are wrapped with the binding sheet. In this method, where the air flow is provided perfectly during the smoking, when you cut the cigar to its length, you will see that the filling leaves rise up and down like an accordion. Accordion wrapping requires a little more time and dexterity than book wrapping.

Tube Winding (Entubar)

This method, which is used especially in limited numbers and specially produced cigars, is used by both laborious and highly skilled torcedors. This technique, in which each filling sheet is first rolled individually and then placed on top of each other and wrapped with a dressing, it is the technique that provides the best air flow during smoking, as well as providing the highest flavor to the smoker due to the fact that air passes through each leaf separately, at the same time and in equal amounts. .

I have tried to explain these techniques (except Lieberman) in the videos on the side, using graph paper in line with what I have seen and as simple as I can. I hope it was a little more enlightening.

Apart from these four main techniques, there is also the wrapping of Figurado and Torpedo style cigars, which requires different wraps to be used together according to the cigar. The reason is, because of its pointed tips, a misplaced leaf means that the cigar is clogged and cannot be drunk.

We see that the leaves of the cigar we buy, no matter how high quality they are, the wrapping has a great effect on the taste and pleasure we get from our cigar. Of course, and unfortunately, it is not always possible to know the wrapping of the cigar we buy, but it is still useful to know the effect.

Enjoyable smoking for everyone ...

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