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Cigars and AI


When I watched the Terminator movie for the first time, I watched the second, not the first. I had already started cutting my hair upright like the T-800 played by Arnold, whom I loved like most of my peers at the time. What I remember from those times is that my brother, who is not much younger than me, was negatively affected by the crushing of a human skull by one of the robots trying to eliminate humans in the opening scene. Artificial intelligence, whose footsteps we started to hear from those times, does not hesitate to show itself completely today. Robots with all kinds of abilities and shapes alsoI don't know where they will lead us to have artificial intelligence, but it is certain that the people and countries that develop them will manage the future. 

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Artificial intelligence is no longer just eyeing the work of people in most sectors, it has already begun to take over. In order to ease the judicial system, the decisions to be made by artificial intelligence judges are discussed. Almost everyone is starting to get stressed about when my position will be taken over by AI.

So, what is the present and future place of artificial intelligence in such a time and in the world, in a production sector such as cigars, where manual labor and attention are at high levels?

The world of cigars may seem like a traditional and outdated industry, but in recent years we've seen technology, including artificial intelligence, play an important role in revolutionizing the way cigars are made, sold and enjoyed.


Currently, artificial intelligence is used in a variety of ways in the cigar industry, particularly in the manufacturing process.  For example, artificial intelligence supported sensors monitor the humidity and temperature of the resting room, ensuring that cigars are stored in the most appropriate conditions. In addition, artificial intelligence algorithms analyze tobacco leaves and identify any defects, allowing manufacturers to select the best leaves for each cigar. We know that Royal Agio uses the above systems. 

Moreover, some companies are using artificial intelligence to create new cigar blends. By analyzing data on consumer preferences and trends, the algorithms identify flavor profiles and characteristics that are popular with consumers, and then use them to recommend new blends that fit those profiles. This allows manufacturers to create new and exciting cigars that appeal to a wider consumer base. An example of a company using this method is Tabacalera Incorporada, based in Singapore.


Apart from what we know, there may be companies that use artificial intelligence at different stages.

As a result, the use of artificial intelligence is fast becoming a major force in the cigar industry. From improving the quality and consistency of cigars to creating new blends and enhancing the shopping experience, AI seems to be bringing a new level of innovation and efficiency to the world of cigars. While there are concerns about the possible loss of traditional craftsmanship, many experts believe that artificial intelligence can actually enhance and complement the skills of artisans, leading to a bright future for the cigar industry.

What do you think?

Note: Do you think artificial intelligence was used while writing this article? B-D

Happy smoking...

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