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The 6th Puro Sabor was held on January 16-21

This year, Puro Sabor remained only one of the three cigar festivals that were only dreams. Although I can't go myself, I asked Reinhold Widmayer, Editor-in-Chief of the Cigar Journal, to explain it in a few sentences, at least to get the atmosphere out of someone's mouth with a verb there:

"Almost 30 countries, 150 cigar lovers, came together for the 6th time at the Nicaragua Cigar Festival Cigar Sabor to celebrate the art of cigars and the friendship that comes with it. Manufacturers of many well-known cigar brands in the world talk about both their knowledge and their love for cigars. Sitting shoulder to shoulder and sharing cigars with the creators of our cigars that we smoke with pleasure is an incredible feeling and experience. "

This is how Reinhold spoke of the Puro Sabor.

So how was this year's schedule? The first two days of this year's festival, which is still full but as far as I can observe, held one day longer than 2016, turned out to be a bit more touristic. In fact, it was possible to participate in the festival, which was held in two parts as Granada and Esteli, directly from the Esteli leg.

According to the program, after spending the first two days in Granada, the third day passed to Esteli. Here, on the fourth day, a field trip was made to the factory and the fifth to the field. Again, the evening of the last day ended with the famous gala dinner of the festivals.

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