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How will you enjoy drinking your cigar?

Smoking cigars is a joy in itself. The time from the first time you see the cigar you want to smoke until you take your last breath is a great pleasure. A ritual that must be done right from the beginning to the end.

As I said, even the first moment you see it is very important. Because from that moment on, the cigar starts talking to you and telling you about its properties. While a cigar with an oily Maduro wrapper leaf is showing strength to your eyes, another cigar with slight bloom on it next to it may be expressing its experience with its proud stance that it is aged correctly. Regardless of which cigar you choose, when you take it out of the humidor, first strain the upper surface of the cigar with your eyes. Check out the color, whether it is streaked or not. When you squeeze it very lightly when you take it between your two fingers, you can understand how well it hugs or not with the experience you have developed over time. One last thing you need to do without cutting the hat part is to look at the smell of your cigar before you burn it. The smell of a well-groomed and properly aged cigar must have turned into a magnificent scent with the effect of the other cigars in your humidor.

Now it's time to get your cigar ready to drink by cutting off his hat and burning it at the foot. Of course, these two operations, which seem simple, also have their own tricks. From where and how much to cut the cigar first. The point where the cigar's hat meets the body of the cigar is called the "shoulder". The point where you will cut your cigar with the "Cutter" must be a place close to this shoulder point but will not pass. If the point you cut slides across the shoulder to the body, the best thing you can do is choose another cigar to drink from your humidor. Because the hat is completely gone, the wrapper will not be able to hold the leaf and your cigar will be in tatters. By the way, cutting with "Cutter" is just one method. I will talk about other cutting methods in detail in another article.

You just need to burn it to feel the aroma of your cigar on your palate. But how? One of the most important things to consider when burning your cigar is the source of fire. Avoid any source of fire that could spoil your cigar's aroma and bouquet. Examples of these are matches with plenty of chemicals used daily, normal gas lighters, candles and so on. That's why your fire source has to be odorless. There are a wide variety of lighters and gas combinations on the market to suit this. In addition, igniting your cigar with a piece of cedar pieces coming out of Tubo is a highly accepted but relatively difficult and long method. In this case, you need to ignite cedar first. Another important point is that when lighting your cigar, the flame is close to but not worth the cigar. As you know, the hottest point of the flame is its extreme point. First of all, it would be correct to heat the end of your cigar without touching the flame. You have to do this by rotating your cigar on the flame between your fingers slightly so that it becomes charred. Finally, you can take it between your two lips and blow it out once and then lightly take a light breath from your cigar without touching the flame.

Cigars do not usually taste the same throughout. After you start drinking, you can start to distinguish these different flavors on your tongue and palate.

When you approach the end, all you have to do is leave the cigar on your plate and say goodbye to it. It is unacceptable to extinguish your cigar like a cigarette. While you leave with that aroma on your palate, your cigar starts to say goodbye with its own fire. As the British say; "You don't kill a cigar, you let it die".

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