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Storing your cigar ...

We now know that the cigar we drink is not cheap. So, where will we keep our cigars, for which we have paid so much money, under favorable conditions? In fact, there are many ways to maintain good containment. However, it is useful to do everything according to your racon while you have done it. First of all, what are these favorable conditions? Although it may vary slightly depending on the cigar and the drinker, the most suitable conditions that will not upset you or your cigar will be an environment with 21 degrees of temperature and 70 degrees of humidity. If you can provide this environment to your cigars, your cigars will neither lose their taste nor their beauty.

So how can we create this suitable environment? As I said, there are many ways, but the best thing is to buy a suitable humidor. Humidor is a wooden box with cedar inside - better Spanish cedar - outside usually covered with a different tree. So is it that easy? It is that easy but also that difficult. Why is that? There are so many different sizes and different prices of humidor on the market that the challenge is to find out which one is right for you.

There are a number of questions you have to answer to decide this. As a result of these questions, the answer will automatically emerge. However, one should know that humidors are not cheap. If you have found a humidor that you believe is very bargain and you think that I can close this business cheaply, this means that you are unfortunately throwing the money you give both the humidors and your precious cigars in it.

One of the questions you should ask at the beginning is how much inventory you want to keep in the humidor. If you have just started smoking cigars and are not yet buying large quantities of cigars, or if you are holding cigars at home just to give in to guests, a small humidor will be enough for you. The size of your humidor will also determine in which vitolas you can store cigars. It is not the right approach to buy a very large humidor and fill it with just a few cigars. Just as you cannot provide a suitable environment for your cigars in a humidor where you fill it more than its capacity, a humidor that is far below its capacity will also force you to provide this environment. Humidors are generally able to maintain a suitable environment after 2/3 of their capacity is filled.

You have decided on the answer and size of how many cigars you will be storing. Now decide where your humidor will stand. Is it in front of everyone, or somewhere only you know and you will see your face when you go and buy cigars? A humidor should be in harmony with your home in terms of its shape. In this case, the humidor you will choose can be one of the humidor, which is pleasing to the eye and also called furniture humidor. Otherwise, you'll appreciate the appearance of your humidor that won't matter much.

We have decided on the height and where it will stand. Now, here are a few tricks to consider when buying a humidor. The first is where you get the humidor. If you buy your humidor from a place that you believe is an expert on cigar accessories, it is useful to be guided correctly and to get a quality humidor. When the seller starts showing you the humidors, the first thing to look at is the interior cedar and the thickness of the exterior cladding. The inner cedar thickness of a quality humidor will be approximately 6mm and above, and the outer covering will be approximately 19mm and above. The greater the thickness, the less the air inside your humidor will be affected from the outside and the safer your cigars will be. Another important feature in this respect is how tightly the humidor closes when it closes. A tightly closed humidor will provide good insulation as it will reduce the air flow. To understand this, pay attention to whether there is an air resistance when the cover of the humidor is fully closed. You can compare this to the difference you would feel when closing the door of Mercedes, closing the door of a car from the bird series.

The hinges that hold the humidor cover are also an important part of the humidor. Hinges that are too loose, wobbly, make noise, or appear weak may have difficulty holding the humidor's heavy door. Also, make sure that the hinges are made of rust-proof material that will not be damaged by the humid environment of the humidor. Most of the high-quality humidor now have a gold plated hinge on the interior and some of them.

Finally, do not forget to check the warranty period of the brand you bought. Quality humidors in the market usually give their products a lifetime warranty.

As long as we pay attention to the things listed above, I believe we will find a suitable humidor for ourselves.

Now I am sharing a few good quality humidor brands below for your eye pleasure:

Remember; it is clear from where the lion lies. The place where you keep your cigars will give a lot of clues about both you and your cigars.

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