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To taste your cigar ...

How hard can it be to taste ... How easily you taste while eating or sipping your drink, right? In cigars, tasting is a virtue that takes time, needs to be studied, learned and developed over time.

Since it will be from the smoke to taste from your cigar, the taste of the smoke will be a mixture of the traces it leaves in the places it passes and touches. So where does the smoke touch? Of course to our language at first. Afterwards, some of them go out of our nose to our sinuses. Here is the real taste of the cigar consists of what we can perceive in these two areas.

The flavors we can get from our tongue are clear. As can be seen from the diagram on the right and as most of us have known since primary school, different parts of our language perceive different tastes. So keep it in your mouth for a while after you smoke the smoke. Let's see which parts of your tongue the smoke leaves by stimulating which flavors. As you smoke the cigar, the flavors you get will slowly start to settle on your tongue. Remember, cigars don't usually taste the same throughout.

Let's get to our sinuses. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to just smell the smoke in the air to get the necessary aroma from our cigar. Since our sense of smell can perceive aromas better than our tongue, the best way to stimulate this sense is to pass some of the smoke in our mouths through our sinuses and out through our nose. This process will activate the olfactory neurons, allowing us to better perceive and distinguish most aromas hidden in smoke than just smell. Just like when we smell a flower. What we will perceive during this period will be woody, herbal, leathery, spicy aromas.

The things we mentioned above are what we perceive when we smoke the cigar. Apart from these, there is a taste left on our tongue and palate after the cigar is finished. This is the last stage of tasting, and the longer this flavor can remain, the more valuable and quality you can get from a cigar and remember.

It is useful to share a few tips to keep in mind when tasting cigars:

  • Different people can taste the same cigar differently. It is related to the development of the senses of these people.

  • The wrapper leaves can generally determine the aroma of a cigar. However, its effects can vary between 20-80% in general.

  • What you drink while smoking can change the taste of the cigar. So the general rule of thumb is that whatever you drink it should be strong enough not to suppress the aroma of your cigar.

  • If you are invited to a taste and you are expected to smoke different cigars, drinking a little apple juice between cigars will do the trick to neutralize the taste in your mouth.

As a result, the taste you will get from the cigar will be in the direction of how well you can use and develop the senses we mentioned above. Now light a cigar and see how to get its true taste while enjoying it.

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