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If your cigar decides to undress ...

One of the most important and part of our cigars is the wrapping leaves, like a gorgeous silk dress that complements and reveals the lines of a beautiful woman. But there is a difference; Although it may be preferable if someone decides to undress, peeling or tearing of the wrapping sheet, which we can call our cigar's dress, is a diametrically opposite preference.

While the wrapping leaves may peel off due to the dryness caused by re-burning the extinguished cigar or as a result of keeping the humidor at the wrong humidity rate, they may also start to peel off due to the wrong hat cutting. Tears, on the other hand, can occur mostly in cigars that are unprotected or abused.

Fortunately, there are still a few things we can do when faced with such a situation. The most effective of these is, of course, to glue the part that begins to peel off or is torn. The best glue I can recommend for this is the super glue we know ... oh CALM !!! Of course not...

The glue you will use must be odorless and of natural origin, in accordance with the glue (gum) conditions in the production of your cigar. There are a few products on the market that will provide this. In addition to plant-based odorless and non-marking adhesives, pectin, which is easily found and frequently used in food products, also performs the same task. It is one of the material family used in the production of jelly in pectin cakes. It is enough to mix pectin, which is generally sold in powder form in the market, with a small amount of water until it reaches an adhesive consistency. Afterwards, it is enough to attach the wrapping sheet to the place that is torn or peeling carefully, preferably with a clean brush. The advantage with the vegetable-based adhesives you buy is that most of them already come with brushes like nail polishes.

Of course, the above are not always the options you can use while smoking. Especially pectin due to the preparation stage. There is a trick that I can recommend against the peeling caused by the wrongly cut hat or your teeth tearing the shoulder of your cigar during smoking and which is used by most cigar lovers. You can avoid such a situation by pulling the tape of your cigar over the head as much as possible, preventing further peeling of your wrapping sheet. I think this will fulfill your escaped pleasure a little bit. In this way, you will both save your cigar and you can continue to smoke.

Of course, the main thing is not to put your cigar into a situation where you will have to stick it. These are the main ones to keep them under suitable conditions as much as possible while carrying them or while in the humidor, and to act considering the delicate nature of your cigars.

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