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Anatomy of the cigar

You gave that much money and got your cigar. So what exactly is the brown, cigarette irish, wrapped tobacco called that cigar that you hold in your hand.

The cigar consists roughly of three parts:

Hat (Cap): The outer wrapper of the cigar, which we cut before drinking, is the part that ensures that the leaf does not fall apart.

Body: The main part of the cigar between the hat and the foot.

Foot (Foot / Tuck): The part of the cigar that can be open or closed depending on its winding and that you burned for drinking.

The separation of tobacco leaves according to their winding order and properties is as follows:

Filler (Elephants): The part that forms the heart of the cigar and consists of three or four different types of tobacco coming together. This part consists of Ligero, which is collected from the top of the plant, exposed to the most sun and has more intense aroma, Seco leaves, which are collected from the middle part with less sun and lighter aroma, and finally, the Volado mixture leaves at the bottom, which provides the flammability of the cigar.

I will be explaining the features and details of these leaves in my future articles.

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