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Cigar sizes and shapes

Cigar sizes and shapes vary from brand to brand, but the shape and size of a cigar can be revived according to accepted norms when the Vitola is said. Generally, the sizes of cigars differ in inches according to their length and ring gauge. One ring thickness corresponds to 1/64 inch.

Traditional cigar shapes are divided into Parejos and Figurado's.

Parejos - Straight Edge Cigars

These types of cigars usually have a closed head and an open leg with straight edges.

Petit Corona: This size, which is considered to be the size of Corona, is approximately 4.5 inches long and 40 rings thick.

Corona: This size, which is 5.5-6 inches long and 42-44 ring thickness, is based on the sizes of other cigars.

Churchill : This cigar, in a large Corona format, is 7 inches tall and has a thickness of 47 rings. This size is named after the cigars that are seen constantly smoking in Sir Winston Churchill's photographs.

Robusto : A cigar, which we can also consider as the short Churchill and is growing in popularity. It is in the range of 5-5.5 inches and generally 50 rings thick.

Corona Gorda : This height, which is a tall Robusto, is also called Robusto Extra. It is 5.6 inches long and 46 rings thick.

Double Corona : Cigars in standard sizes 7.5-8 inches in length and 49-52 rings in thickness.

Panatela : This thin cigar, which is more popular than today and is often smoked by Fidel Castro, and longer than Corona, is generally in the range of 5-7.5 inches and has a ring thickness of 34-38.

Lonsdale : Lonsdale usually ranges from 6.5 inches long to 42-44 ring thicknesses, longer than Corona and thicker than Panatela.

Figurados - Unusual Shaped Cigars

Although most cigars have straight edges, closed heads and open legs, there is quite a lot of cigar production that does not fit this shape. Although each brand can interpret naming in different ways, I tried to list the common known ones below.

Pyramid : A type of cigar with a pointed and closed head, expanding towards the foot. Cigars that reach the thickness of 40 rings at the head and 50 rings towards the foot and are 6-7 inches long.

Belicoso : Normally a short pyramid, this style has a more rounded but still closed head. It is in the range of 5-5.5 inches and the thickness of 50 rings.

Torpedo : The name given to cigars with pointed and closed ends, wide in the middle.

Perfecto : The style of cigars that are very difficult to wrap, the foot is closed, the middle part of the body is wide and the head is round.

Culebra : Cigars created by combining three Panatelas together in a knitted form.

Diademas: Cigars that are 8 inches or longer. The head can be closed and 40 rings thick, and the tip can be closed or open and 52 rings thick.

Cigars by Color

Cigars differ in the color of the wrapper leaves as well as their shape. This difference is due to the exposure of the wrapper leaves to different amounts of sunlight and different fermentation methods.

The picture below shows the available cigar colors.

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