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Puro Sabor 2016 started ...

Like its cigars, Nicaragua's cigar festival, Puro Sabor, continues on its way, increasing its awareness and participation every year. Puro Sabor, which opened its doors for the fifth time this year, has prepared a full four-day program that will attract everyone who is also cigar-friendly.

On the first day, after familiar practices such as welcoming and registration, everyone first comes together for dinner on the boat on Lake Managua and begins to meet.

The second day starts with an early visit to the Flor de Cana Rom factory in Chichigalpa, without wasting any time. Cortijo el Rosario is followed by cigar tasting. The rest of the day, after the cigar and rum pairings and the Spanish horses show, we return to Managua for the Cigar Humo opening cocktail.

On the third day, we set out for Esteli, the heart of the cigar. After visiting the Tavicusa tobacco fields, the factories of AJ FERNÁNDEZ, DREW ESTATE TOBACCO COMPANY SA, MY FATHER CIGARS, PADRON, PLASENCIA, and PENSA brand cigars are toured. The day ends with a dinner where everyone attends in local white shirts.

The fourth day starts by touring the crops of AJ FERNÁNDEZ, PADRON, MY FATHER CIGARS, PLASENCIA, PROCENICSA, NICARAGUA AMERICAN CIGARS SA, and then continues with JOYA DE NICARAGUA, NICARAGUA AMERICAN CIGARS SA, TOUR, TO . Afterwards, the day ends with a seminar where you can have conversations on cigars with Nicaraguan cigar connoisseurs, followed by a magnificent Gala Dinner.

I am sure that at the end of this full program, everyone will return home with the joy of a wonderful experience and newly established cigar friendships. It did not happen this year, but it may be fortune for us in the years to come.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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