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Procigar Cigar Festival 2016

The Procigar Cigar Festival, held in the Dominican Republic, again this year hosted cigar lovers with all its glory between 21-26 February.

In the festival, which took place in Punta Cana (21-23 February) and Santiago de los Caballeros (23-26 February) respectively, the program was quite diverse and full compared to the previous years. Factory or field tours, where you can evaluate different options during the day, gave us the opportunity to get to know the brands that we smoke their beautiful cigars such as Davidoff, La Flor Dominicana and La Aurora more soon.

In addition, the time spent with other cigar lovers in different venues and activities such as horse riding, beach pleasure and poker tournaments is also left for the participants.

You can find the details of the festival from here.

Again this year, we watched it from afar, but I hope we can get the opportunity to participate in the coming years.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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