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Procigar Cigar Festival begins ...

And finally, Procigar, the cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, opens its doors to visitors tomorrow for 5 days. The festival will be held at the Casa de Campo resort, one of the most beautiful hotels in the Caribbean, in the city of Santiago, also known as the capital of the cigar. The golf tournament organized on behalf of the festival will also be held at the Teeth of the Dog, which is located in the same hotel and is considered among the top 100 golf courses in the world.

The program also includes daily tours to Damajagua Lagoon and Puerto Plata areas. At the same time, activities such as poker tournament and mereng dance lessons will be offered at the Festival, including a full-day catamaran tour in the Puerto Plata region.

As usual, visitors will have the opportunity to visit many cigar factories and tobacco fields. Among them are companies such as General Cigar, Davidoff, "Quesada Cigarros," La Aurora, "Corporacion de Exportacion de Cigarro," "Tabacalera La Alianza-EP Carrillo," "La Flor Dominicana," "Tabacalera Palma" and "Cigar Familia". and has fields.

This cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, where 80% of the world's cigar production takes place, is a meeting point for writers from almost all cigar magazines such as Cigar Jorunal, Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Magazine, and offers its visitors the chance to spend time with writers.

As I said in my article, the Nicaragua Cigar Festival did not happen this year, but I hope it will be a fortune to visit it in the future. If anyone of you wants to go and share what they see, I'll gladly reserve a place on the blog.

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