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Olive and Nub Cigars in Turkey


In recent weeks, especially Xike is, Boveda, which is the Turkey distributor of brands like Adora Fumar company, the dealer meeting, introduced Oliva cigars and Nuba. Among the cigars promoted and tasted were Nub Sungrown 460, Nub Cameroon 460 and Nub Connecticut 460 cigars. What these cigars have in common is that they will be officially launched by Fumar in the coming months. In addition to Fumar Nub, it will also launch two successful cigars such as Oliva Serie O and Serie G.

Nuba have a very loyal audience fastener in Turkey. For this reason, I am quite sure that it will be successful. I am sure the quality and aromatic structure of Oliva will attract not only those who know but also those who do not.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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