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Spicy Mexican

If you like spicy Mexican food, I'm guessing you won't refuse Mexican tobacco either. With its volcanic structure, the tobacco of the Los Tuxtlas region, which is very suitable for growing tobacco, is indispensable for some with its dark color, very spicy structure and earthy flavor, while some do not come close to it. Just like Mexican cuisine.

The cultivation and smoking of tobacco in Mexico began many years ago by the locals of the Yucatan region. Despite this ancient history, the fact that Mexican brand cigars are little known and far below what is desired in the market is due to the fact that the producers cannot blend their own tobacco with different country tobacco as they want and cannot achieve the taste they want due to the import restrictions that continued until the end of the 90s.

With its oily texture and heavy earthy flavor, Mexican tobacco achieves its real success thanks to the place it has acquired in blends used by other new world brands, especially the Dominican Republic brands, rather than the brands in its own land. In these blends, it is frequently used both as a wrapper, as a binder and as a filling sheet. Especially in maduros, if not Connecticut Broadleaf, we come across Mexican winding leaves, called San Andres Negro.

You will understand, it's a kind of Mexican tobacco that, after trying it a few times, you will definitely notice and discern. If you like spicy Mexican cuisine, I would say give it a try.

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