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Unfortunately, because this word, which means "mature" in Spanish, is being used a little too much and a little inconsistently in the cigar world today, I wanted to write what exactly is what it is not.

Maduro is a term for cigars whose outer wrapper is almost black. However, a Maduro does not mean that you will always smoke strong or hard cigars despite its dark color. These features are a matter of filler leaves, as in every cigar. As the name suggests, the leaves of this color are darkened by subjecting them to repeated fermentation and longer than other dressing leaves. In addition, the temperature and humidity used in fermentation are kept higher than normal. While normal fermentation takes place at approximately 50-51 degrees, these leaves are fermented at approximately 65 degrees. Of course, the most suitable leaf type that can withstand these conditions is Ligero leaves. These leaves, which are currently at the top of the plant, exposed to sunlight the longest, and thickened as they are collected last, can be fermented repeatedly under the above conditions without any problem.

This different and long fermentation allows the leaves to get more sweetish and darken by getting rid of all their bitter characteristics. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the Connecticut Broadleaf species is one of the best and sweetest Maduro leaves.

The trick is to observe repeated fermentation processes well and keep them in optimal conditions. Each fermentation makes the color of the leaf a little darker. Unfortunately, some brands accelerate these fermentation processes by increasing the temperature to produce Maduro. This can cause the loss of essential oils for the flavor in tobacco and cause the leaf to burn inside. The result is a bitter taste and zero flavor, unfortunately. Another method used, bitter but true, is to dye these leaves to get the dark color. There are even companies that immerse the leaves completely in water and darken their color provided that they are continuously rolled by hand. These are just some of the tricks that have been invented to meet the growing demand of these cigars.

The richly flavored Maduro wrap leaves add a certain softness to the cigar, while leaving a mild sweetness on the palate.

After all, Maduro is not only the color of the leaf, but the name given to the tobacco leaf that has gone through a certain process. By the way, a real Maduro should not paint your hand or lips while drinking.

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