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To revive the dry ...

Drying of cigars is an incident that especially those who are new to hobbyists encounter, but that can happen even to those who have devoted themselves to this business for a long time, albeit for different reasons. Hygrometer is broken, mislead you; you carry it outside the humidor for a little longer, in a cover; Or maybe you forget it somewhere on the shore and in the corner; they dry up weird. When we want to smoke and take it in our hands, they start to make a crispy, crispy sound like chips.

So after getting to this point, is there no turning back? Actually, there is and it does not exist, but as a result of what I have learned, in my opinion, there is no going back. So why are we writing this article then?

To answer this question, let me start with the good news and how can we revive the dry, let me talk about it. First of all, there is dry, there is dry ... if your cigars are so dry to crumble when you squeeze the foot part, then you realize that the body part has a hardness similar to that of wood, there is no return from this radius. Sometimes, even the wrapper leaves, on its own, begins to exfoliate, tear. But even if there is an iota of moisture left, with a little effort, you can at least add moisture to your cigar until it becomes smokable. But it's worth noting that you have to spend some time in the beginning, because the trick is to restore the moisture to the cigar, gradually, over time.

The first step is to put your dry cigars in a second humidifier separate from your humidor, or in a clean, odorless and well-sealed plastic storage container to keep the humidity level more stable. Next, fill in a humidifier about 1/4 of a size suitable for the size of your box or humidor and place it in a corner of the bowl away from cigars. The aim is to keep the humidifier away, to prevent the cigars from cracking or bursting by removing excess moisture at once. Then, gradually move the cigars closer to the humidifier, about 3-5 days apart, until the humidifier is completely dry. When the moisturizer is completely dry, it's time to move on to the next steps.

The next step is to fill the moisturizer between 1 / 3- 1/2 and wait for it to dry again. This time around, the humidifier may take 2 weeks, maybe a little longer, to dry as the cigars will be more moist than initially. You see, at the end of this period, your cigars have really started to gain moisture, fully fill your humidifier, wait until your hygrometer shows 68-70, and keep this humidity constant, waiting for the cigars to reach a completely smokable consistency for you.

Another important trick is to keep the cigars away from the humidifier at the beginning of each step and move the cigars closer to the humidifier by turning them in 3-5 day intervals.

Now let's why I think there is no turning back. If not, why did I write so much. As I explained above, it is practically possible to give cigars a re-smokeable level of moisture. However, as we know, the oils and other minerals in the leaf give cigars its flavor. Drying of the leaves means that these oils and minerals also fly off the leaves, puffs. Unfortunately, even if we restore moisture to our cigars, it is out of the question for us to be able to recover these oils and minerals once they are dry. As a result, even though that cigar has come back to a smokable consistency, it will not give you the flavor and pleasure it should give you. Well, based on that, I think it is not possible to go back, I say.

So, I think, you, take care of your precious cigars so that they can maximize the pleasure they should give you.

Have a pleasant smoke for you all ...

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