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Winter Is Coming, The Weather Is Drying

The weather is getting colder, winter is coming. Maybe not like Istanbul where it is humid in summer, but in cities with drier winters like Ankara, the humidity in the air goes down as much. This inevitably requires us to be a little more careful when storing our cigars.

Dry air means that the air inside our humidum loses moisture more quickly and increases the risk of our cigars not getting the necessary moisture. I wanted to share a few simple but effective suggestions for these situations.

One of the most important things is not to leave your humidor open for a long time. As strange as it may sound, the fastest deterioration in humidity and temperature ratios of the humidor occurs during the selection of cigars. The longer the door is open, the quicker and more the humidity and temperature change occurs. To keep this to a minimum, I recommend picking your cigar as soon as possible and closing the hood of your humidor. In this way, you eliminate this risk.


A second simple but important suggestion is to check your cigar's moisturizer more often. In dry weather, your humidifier will work harder and need more maintenance to keep the humidity inside the humidor at a certain rate. If you are using a pure water humidifier, make sure your humidifier has enough water in it. Even if you use Boveda, the hardening time of your Boveda may be quicker in dry weather, be careful.

Finally, my suggestion is to make sure your humidor closes tight and there is no problem with the lid. In time, problems can be experienced in the cover parts of the humidors. Although the humid environment in summer is not immediately apparent, it can create a bigger problem in the winter. So my suggestion is that if the cover of your humidor is constantly leaking more air than necessary, it may be time to change your humidor.

As long as you pay attention to these, the chances of dry weather damaging your humidor and cigar will be less likely to upset you. After all, the contents of your humidor are too valuable to lose.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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