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Cameroon, with its rich soil structure, suitable humidity and cloudy weather, is actually a country with more than suitable tobacco growing conditions. However, the tobacco here has lost a lot of time as a tobacco that was not considered much of it until the early 1990s.

We know that the best dressing leaves are grown under the shade. In most places, this shade is provided by translucent linoleum stretched over the crops, while Cameroon's constantly cloudy weather, like Ecuador, naturally provides this environment to producers. The result is a gorgeous, thin silk wrapper. Of course, this magnificent feature is also the weakest point of this leaf. Because only very experienced Torcedors can wrap such thin leaves. Using these leaves, which are small because they do not receive much sun, for large vitolas makes it very difficult.

Whatever you call the taste of Cameroon leaf originating from Sumatra tobacco, it has a predominantly woody flavor, which makes it harmonious with floral and spicy flavors. It also does this without adding too much hardness to the cigar.

Outwardly, the leaves of Cameroon are very toothed, and in places they are light in places and dark brown in places. Although it is not pleasant in appearance, it offers an ideal option for both light and aromatic cigarette smokers.

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