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Is something walking in the humidor?

In my opinion, most of us can easily say that the title of the article is the only question that no cigar lover would want to ask. When we say "yes" to the question, unfortunately, it is too late and it means that we have a big problem. But still there is no room for fear! You can still do something.

You have been smoking cigars for a while, I think you understand what I am talking about in the above paragraph three down or five up. Yes, I'm talking about Lasioderma serricorne, aka the tobacco beetle. These not-so-cute little friends, unfortunately, can make all your cigars in your humidor non-smoking and squeeze lemon into your cigar delight.

Tobacco bugs are insects the size of a pinhead that can occur even in the best cigars, despite all the spraying or precautions and controls taken. During production, these insects, which can be found as larvae on tobacco leaves, come to life regardless of your age when they find the appropriate conditions and can start to taste your cigars. This pest, which can spread in a very short time, has the potential to turn all your cigars in your inventory into dust. Although casualties of this scale are rare, there are those who do experience it. When you open your humidor or a new can of cigars, if you see holes in one or more of your cigars as if they were pierced with a needle, know that those cigars are non-smoking, and the rest of the cigars are in danger. First of all, before I talk about what you can do in such a situation, let me talk about what you need to do to avoid this unpleasant situation.

I mentioned above that these larvae, which can be found in leaves, come to life under favorable conditions. So first of all, we will not allow these favorable conditions to emerge. What are these favorable conditions? Temperatures of 22 degrees and above and / or humidity higher than 72%. Since these insects love heat and humidity, keeping your humidor as far away from the above values as possible will solve the problem greatly. Otherwise, you can make some unpleasant new friends.

It happened, you went on holiday or the weather suddenly changed, the temperature and humidity of your humidor increased. Also, you see, the insect infestation has happened to you as well. In this case, it is obvious that you will do:

  1. Emptying the humidor, place each cigar in a separate sealed bag.

  2. Close the mouths of the bags and put them in your freezer. At this stage, the larvae and, if any, insects in your cigar will not be able to withstand the cold and will die.

  3. You can take your cigars in the vegetable section of the refrigerator as they will not be alive in your cigar after about 3-4 days.

  4. After storing them in the vegetable section for 24 hours, it is time to move the cigars back to the humidors. This process will prevent the cigars from being exposed to sudden heat and humidity changes, and will prevent any cracking or deformation in the wrapper sheets.

Of course, in the meantime, you need to be careful, you should have cleaned your humidor. In order not to fall into this situation again, it would be logical to change the location of your humidor and remove it from any heat source (window, heater, etc.), if any, after the steps above.

To remember again, the ideal environment for our precious cigars is a temperature of 21 degrees and a humidity of 70-71%. It is actually that easy to prevent any invasion. Insect free and fresh cigar days for all of you.

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