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Contrary to today's impositions, cigars entered my life when we could watch the smoke and alcohol on the screen without fogging up. Thanks to cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and even later comics, I had the opportunity to meet visually with the cigar.

Today, we watched and read them because the negative and directional perception, which is created by the existing anxiety and excessive sensitivity in place and place, has not yet been formed, without worrying too much about the content as harmful or harmless, only because it is funny or interesting. It was as if the cartoons of that time touched real life even more.

Our face-to-face meeting comes to a time when my father was smoking cigars and I got more courageous as I was older. I approached the cigar without holding, carrying, cutting, smoking, watching my father and, of course, imitating a bit. After enough observation, I now began to experience the character of different cigars myself and learn about their personality. After that moment, my relationship with the cigar became sincere, in line with my own preferences and tastes, and it still continues to evolve.

Cigar has taught me a lot about himself and his surroundings during my journey with him, and he still teaches. He shared with me a thousand and one details about himself, from his plant to his leaf, from his cultivation to his wrapping. Besides, it has opened the door to a different world, from those who enjoy the cigar to the accessories used for this pleasure. He made new and enjoyable friendships and acquaintances.


So, to share such a valuable journey, I first started a simple blog, in my opinion. A year later, with the interest and influence of those who shared my journey, the blog switched to the current website format.

When I first started writing the blog, of course I had to find a name. After a short thought process, reading newspapers, novels and magazines in the cigar winding halls called Galera, in order to inform Torcedors, namely cigar wrappers, and to make the winding more enjoyable, taking Torcedors on different journeys while winding, I thought el Lector would be a very appropriate name. Here I am trying to accompany you on the journeys of cigar lovers, like el Lector in Galera, with what I wrote and shared.

As el Lector, today, I am Cigar Cities ' s Istanbul Ambassador and IPCPR Internet Media Member. I am also actively participating in the tasting panel of the Cigar Journal magazine. In addition, with Cigar Sense , we carry out researches and studies on the pairing of cigar with different products according to their tastes and aromas. I also work as a panelist in the Cigar Sense tasting panel. I try to participate by following different international cigar organizations. In addition, with 1h29min, I became the winner of the Cigar Smoking World Championship 2016 Swiss Leg.


Thank you for your interest in the site and for accompanying my journey.


Enjoyable smoking ...


April 2017

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