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What's new from Habanos ...

October 2017

Habanos, after Cohiba, decided to expand the Partagas Maduro series, where it was quite successful. He determined the cigars he will introduce at the 2018 Habanos Festival as the short pyramid No.2 (55 x 120mm) and No.3 (40 x 145mm). Two new vitolas will also be released in boxes of 25, like No.1.

Another innovation that Habanos has introduced to the market is for Duty Free sales. To be sold only in Duty Free, a travel humidor for the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Belicosos is about to be on the shelves. The Humidor will house 15 52 x 125mm figurado's. Keep it on your radar when traveling, when traveling with Duty Free.

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