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2020 Habanos and ProCigar Festivals


Although not in full detail, Habanos announced the dates of the 22nd Habanos Festival last week. It is stated that other details of the festival, which will take place between 24-28 February 2020, will be announced later. Among these details, there is also a Habanos brand that is highlighted every year. You can follow the details on the official website of Habanos.

ProCigar, the cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, which coincides with the Habanos Festival every year, takes place between 16-21 February 2020, just one week before, so as not to upset those who want to go to both. Visitors, who will spend 16-18 February at Casa de Campo and the remaining time at Santiago de los Caballeros, will again have the opportunity to visit different factories, tobacco fields and taste the newly released cigars. You can get information on the official site for all the details.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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