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Habanos SA Website has been renewed!

Let's face it, as the leading brand in the cigar market, the current website did not suit Habanos SA at all. They were both outdated and their renovations were not done in time and in detail. In the news section, even the new cigar news would appear sometimes, sometimes it was not even mentioned.

I guess, in the end, a sane person got his hands on this subject and was renewed. On the site, you can easily get almost all information about Habanos cigars.

The site consists of four main sections:

  • UNIQUE SINCE 1492 (Special Since 1492): You can learn the history of tobacco since its discovery by Christopher Columbus.

  • NEWS (News): Habanos cigars, festivals etc. You can find news about.

  • ACADEMY (Academic): They did this part wonderfully. It is an incredibly instructive chapter in which a considerable part of the content of The World of the Habanos book I mentioned in one of my previous articles is shared and the time from seed to cigar is discussed in detail.

  • BUY-SMOKE (Supply): A section created with the help of a map where you can find Habanos cigars in the world.

Apart from that, there is a Catalog section where you can access all the details of the brands' vitolas, a Festival section where you can reach the details of the Festival and a Video section consisting of various videos.

As I said, it is a site that both got rid of the old website's obsolescence, contains incredible information and is also a nice visual site. Have a chat and take a look, I'm sure you will spend a long time.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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