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Habanos' New Series: Anejados

Cigar consumption is increasing, cigars are having their most glorious years today. Of course, Habanos and its brands benefit the most from this. It goes without saying that Habanos does not take the opportunity to take a new step to expand its product range.

This time, we entered 2015 with a new series released by Habanos: Habanos Anejados.

We know that Anejados means "aged, rested". In this new series, Habanos offers us cigars that have been kept for at least 5 years, remaining faithful to their name. But it does the resting work after the winding is completed. If you ask what the advantage of this is, the wrapper leaf thickens and enhances its taste, while the filling and binding leaves develop their complex structures while preserving their original state.

Habanos debuts this series with two brands - Romeo y Julietta and Montecristo - and two vitolas new to both brands - Piramides (52x156mm) and Churchill (47x178mm). These cigars, which are produced in their usual original 25-inch boxes, but of course limitedly, are prepared for 5 to 8 years in a rested state. This gives them a softer flavor on the palate, while also giving them the aroma of the cedar tree in which they are rested.

I am sure that the series, which will become even more diverse as brand and vitola, will have many likes and few who can find it in the future. Come easy to find.

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