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Body Show

If you think like me, Habanos cigars have a completely different place, even though other brands of cigars are able to produce better quality day by day. Of course, sometimes people are confused about what to choose among so many brands and vitola, but let's say the selection process is the irony. Some people look at their hardness when choosing their cigars, while others look at whether or not they are bodied. Sometimes the circumstances we are in affect our choice. For example, we may prefer lighter bodied and soft cigars in very hot weather or small vitolas in our narrow time.

Although we know about three or five body features of the main Habanos brands, I wanted to share with you once again in order to make your job easier and keep in mind while choosing. To remind you again; body is an expression that indicates how simple or complex your cigar can give you while you smoke.

As you can see from the template below, light bodied cigars are bad or full bodied is better. This is a choice entirely up to the cigar lover's choice.

I created the template above using Habanos' officially published data. So in no way is it a template I have created according to my own taste. Therefore, it is an accurate template that you can use to compare and test your own palate.

As I have always argued, if we know what we are smoking, our pleasure will increase at the same rate. Enjoyable smoking ...

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