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Tasting Night with Daniel Marshall


I guess that few of us know the name of Daniel Marshall. You've crossed paths with their humidor or their cigars, you've read about them. He is known for his humidor, especially for American presidents and Hollywood actors such as Arnold Schwarzennegger.

I met him last December at Boisdale's Cigar Smoker of the Year. His first impression of me was that he was a really warm and down-to-earth person. Our second meeting was also in Boisdale, at the tasting night he held last week. During the night, his closeness to everyone, his conversation with everyone, was in a way that supported his first impression. He also shared the story of how he entered the cigar industry at the beginning of the night, you can watch it in the video below.

Other guests of the night were Glenrothes whiskey and Berry Bros and Rudd Rum. Glenrothes 12 was used in Old Fashinoned cocktails prior to tasting. During the tasting, we tried Glenrothes Whiskey Maker's Cut and 13-year-old Berry Bros Nicaraguan Rum. Frankly, it was not long for whiskey during the tasting of the rum, which was sweet and pleasant to me. I didn't even start the second glass of my whiskey.

The cigars we tasted were the Daniel Marshall Red Label series cigars Panatela and Robusto. In the Red Label series, cigars wrapped in leaves that have been aged for 5 years are rested for an extra year after being boxed. The cigars with the aromas of cocoa and especially cinnamon and leather went really well with the rum provided.

At the end of the night, Daniel Marshall's famous 24k gold cigar was raffled. Although it is not considered a full draw, the participant, the closest birthday to the date we tasted the cigar, won. When I say that I was born in October, you would guess that I didn't win.

After the draw was over, we went out to listen to the jazz on the upper floor of Boisdale and ended the night by finishing our remaining drinks.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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