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Davidoff's Flagship, Zurich

I recently had the opportunity to go to Switzerland again and of course, I had the opportunity to visit the cigar shops in Zurich, most of which are called Zigarren Dürr. Besides, of course, I couldn't pass without stopping by the Davidoff store on Paradeplatz (by the way, I could not stop without buying a box of light blooms, 2012 Vegas Robaina Petit Unicos Exclusivo Suiza, which is limited to 5000 pieces from here) and La Casa del Habano on Bleicher street, which is right next to it. If you have time, you can taste one of your cigars in Smoker's Lounge of Aura Restaurant, which is just 100m behind you after you leave here. But I'm going to tell you where and why you should look on your way back from Zurich, not in Zurich this time when you get in the way.

You have visited Zurich, you have eaten and drank. It's time to go back now. You arrived at the airport and started looking around to buy cigars from Duty Free, where we all looked for opportunities. At this point, attention! Because as some of you know, Zurich Airport Duty Free has two floors. You can buy cigars upstairs or downstairs, and I would like to tell you about the Davidoff Store downstairs.

This shop downstairs is the first flagship store of the Oettinger Davidoff Group as of December 2011 and its 100th anniversary, as part of the store concept renovation project initiated by the French agency named Stories. Davidoff sells everything from humidor, cutter, all kinds of accessories to all kinds and brand cigars, including limited editions, in this 60 square meter new concept store, which is about 30 square meters walk-in humidor. In addition, it helps you find the most suitable cigar with the in-store Ipad application applied for the first time.

The store, with its Caribbean wood veneer and American cherry wood, offers a beautiful simplicity and comfort from its lighting to its decoration. While Davidoff changed the name of retail store chains to "Davidoff of Geneva - Since 1911" with this project, as of 2012, it has already begun to change its other stores in the world in line with this concept.

Even if you are not going to buy cigars either on your way back from Zurich or in transit, I would say make sure to stop by this shop. It will make you more than satisfied.

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