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Man's best friend ...

As expected every year, Davidoff released a limited cigars line this year, inspired by the Chinese New Year. Since this year is also a dog year, the series became the Dog Series.

As you know, the Chinese New Years are determined by animals, and each animal actually comes with different characteristics every year. For example, it appears in different years in relation to the characters of dog, wood, fire, earth, gold and water, and this year, in 2018, it comes with the character of earth. Land was previously the character of the dog year of 1958. Interestingly, there are also Winston Churchill and Donald Trump among celebrities whose zodiac sign is dog.

As for the Dog Series presented by Davidoff, the box consists of 10 pieces of 7 x 50, my favorite Churchill vitola. The dressing leaves were used from Ecuadorian Habano Claro. As the vineyard leaves, Dominik San Vicente seco fill leaves are chosen as Dominik piloto seco and viso, San Vicente ligero and seco and viso from Esteli.

The series will be limited to 4500 boxes. Special for this year and the series, Davidoff punch cuts and releases a travel humidor.

I'm sure it will attract collectors' attention and interest.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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