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Davidoff continues to innovate ...

Davidoff continues his innovations without interruption. It is re-launching the effective and delicious Escurio series by expanding and renewing the Art series, which it launched for the first time last year.

As someone who personally tried the Escurio series and loved it, I am quite happy with this news. Davidoff crowns this series with four innovations. The first two are Gran Perfecto (5x61 / 50) and Corona Gorda (6 "x46). The tobacco blend has been kept the same as the vitolas released last year, and Ecuador Habano wrap , Cuban seed Brazilian vine leaf, and five different fill leaves; mata fina from Brazil. and the Cuban seed viso, the Dominican Republic's San Vicente Seco, piloto seco and hybrid olor / piloto seco. In addition, it plans to reach those with shorter time and those who prefer smaller cigars via Primeros (4 "1 / 8x34) and Cigarillos.

In addition, Davidoff is also renewing the Art series, which he produced in limited edition last year, and adapts it to this year. This year's graphics have been prepared by Jamaican artist Olivia McGilchrist. 5 '' The blend of the cigar, which is in a Perfekto vitola with dimensions 15/16 x 54, was also created as Ecuador Habano wrap, Dominican Republic Pilota vineyard leaf and piloto visos, San Vicente mejorado seco, Yamasa seco and San Vicente mejorado visos. It meets with us in boxes of 10 and limited to pieces.

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