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Davidoff Escurio Series

Davidoff continues to add color with his innovations in the cigar world. The brand, which has been on the offensive in recent years and released new series one after another, introduced a new series to Davidoff lovers under the name of Escurio, which they can try yesterday in Miami.

Its name comes from the combination of the words Escuro (Oscuro), which means dark Portuguese, and Rio because it uses Brazilian tobacco.

The Escurio series will be a new branch of the Black Serie, which also includes Nicaragua. Of course, the cigar, which Davidoff's threshing experts, especially Henke Kelner and Eladio Diaz, have been working on for a long time, will have a spicy flavor thanks to the Cubra tobacco used, and also a sweet aroma thanks to the Mata Fina tobacco.

Cigars, where the wrapping sheet comes from Ecuador, the binder comes from Brazil, and the filler sheets come from Nicaragua and Brazil, will also be wrapped in the Dominican Republic for quality control reasons, such as the Nicaragua series. The Escurio series will be launched in three vitols, namely Short Robusto (3.25 "× 50), Robusto Toro (4.50" x54) and Gran Toro (5.50x58). The Escurio series will soon be on sale with their own shops with priority, and the prices will be kept almost the same as the Nicaraguan series prices, USD10. Around -18.

I love Nicaragua series very much. Therefore, I hope we will get the opportunity to taste this cigar in a short time.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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