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Success of the Davidoff Churchill Series

Davidoff recently relaunched the Churchill line, and it quickly caught a very successful sales chart and acclaim.

Now crowns this success with a new vitola that will be produced in limited numbers. The size of the cigar, whose Vitola will be Gran Toro and its name will be Raconteur (No, not a racon cutter, it means storyteller), the size of the cigar is 6 x 56.The cigars, which will be on sale worldwide since February, have only produced 6000 boxes of 10, each with different expressions of Churchill printed on tapes.

Origin: Dominican Rep.
Winding: Ecuador
Vineyard: Mexico (Negro San Andrés)
Filling: Nicaragua (Estelí Ligero, Condega Seco), Dominik Rep. (Piloto Visus, Hybrid Olor / Piloto Visus, Piloto Seco, San Vicente Ligero)

I guess it will be an exact cigar for those who want to smoke for a long time.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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