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Drink, eat, smell ...

Now that you've read this blog, I guess you enjoy smoking cigars as much as I do. Therefore, sometimes - I still do not recommend it, except for tastings, but one cannot restrain himself and can burn two cigars in a row, even three cigars according to his vitola. But we say smoking cigars is not like smoking, it is not burned in chains, how will this work? How do we get the flavors that our cigars that we smoke, in turn, want to give us? There are definitely those of us who have attended wine tastings. In fact, all we need to do is to "reset" our sense of taste, as in these tastings, as between different glasses of wines. Only then can it be possible to get the tastes and aromas we need to get from two different cigars by giving them their right. As long as our perceptions are not clean, unfortunately, we get ahead of the pleasure our cigar wants to give us. So what can we do briefly, let's see.

First of all, the simplest thing that comes to mind is to "clean" our mouth and palate by drinking something between two cigars. So, with what kind of drinks can we do this most accurately? If we follow a simple logic, since the flavors left by tobacco in our mouth are alkaline, we have to make a choice that will balance the alkali with what we drink. This means drinks that are acidic. However, beverages with less acidic and aromatic structure should be preferred compared to those with high acidity and aromatic structure. The first thing that fits this description is plain soda, lemon juice mixed with water and apple juice, which I prefer. Although these types of drinks are not the preferred beverage for smoking cigars, they really work for palate cleansing.

In order to clean our tongue and palate, the second place is to eat something, which is also done in wine tastings. Here again, we will try to balance the alkaline flavors of tobacco with acidic foods. What are these? A piece of slightly flavored cheese. Although its effect is debated, there are a few almonds. Even if you say these are not useful for me, a piece of sorbet will definitely do. Most fruits are also acidic, but sometimes it can be difficult to find one that will not leave its taste in your mouth for a long time. That's why I don't have much of a suggestion other than apples.

We cleaned our tongue, our palate ... what about our nose. Considering that the smells of our noses also contribute to the pleasure we get from cigars, shouldn't it be "zeroed"? Have you ever smelled perfume repeatedly at a good perfumer? By the way do you remember what they made you smell? Yes, COFFEE. Coffee is indeed the only ingredient that can restore your nose tired of smells. Therefore, I recommend that you smell some beans or ground coffee in between.

All of the above are really methods that can maximize the taste you can get from your cigars. You can even use them not for the cigars you burn consecutively, but even for the first cigar you burn. I do as much as I can to increase my cigar pleasure.

Apart from these, my last recommendation is that if you know the cigars you will smoke from the beginning, I would say start with the light one. If you start with a well-stocked and strong-tasting cigar, it will also be more difficult to clean its effect, gradually.

If you would like to share your unique methods, do not hesitate to share them below.

Enjoyable smoking already ...

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