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World Cigar Smoking Championship Calendar


The calendar for the 2019 qualifying rounds of the World Cigar Smoking Championship from Croatia, which will be held for the 10th voyage this year, has been announced at the end, albeit partially. The championship final will also take place in Split, like every year. The date of the final will be announced shortly.

The elimination legs, whose date is known for now, are as follows:

February 17-22, Dominican Republic (during the Cigar Festival)

March 2, Poland

March 9-10, Latvia

March 16, Kuala Lumpur

March 23, Germany

March 30, Vietnam

April 6, France

April 13, Lebanon

April 19-21, Russia

April 26-28, Austria

April 30, Croatia

May 9-11, Nashville

May 25, Denmark

27 May, Norway

June 1, Sweden

8 June, Romania

June 12, Finland

June 12, Luxembourg

June 14, Italy

June 14-16, Estonia

June 22, Ukraine

30 June, Netherlands

5 July, Switzerland

13 July, Spain

This year, I will try to make you smell the atmosphere of this magnificent organization by participating in one or two qualifying rounds and finals.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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