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Panzer Show at the World Cigar Smoking Championship 2018 Final

After the spectacular qualifying rounds, the longest smoking in 2018 was announced again in Split. Although there was no record like last year, a final full of fun, friendship and cigar smoke was left behind. 129 people from 34 countries participated in the final this year. The number of participants, which was just over 100 people last year, has increased by at least 20 this year.

The only winner in the final was neither last year's record-breaking champion Alexander Shagai, nor Darren Cioffi, who set the world record higher this year. The final champion of this year is 168 minutes. 5sec. with German Walter Hauke. Alexander Shagai, the champion of last year and still the only contestant bleeding in two separate finals, is 167 minutes. 52sec. with the second, another familiar name, Tomasz Żoł ikincidkiewicz, 147 minutes. 49sec. took third place with.

With the longest smoking lady of the finale, she became German Patricia Benden again with her smoking for 133 minutes. Second, 95min 5sec. with Agata Piotrowska from Poland and 80 minutes to third place. 1sec. Martina Kleinlagel, also a German, sat down with her.

Thus, for the first time in a final, a nation dominated the podium in this way.

The World Cigar Smoking Championship will continue to bring cigar lovers together with the qualifying rounds and the final in 2019.

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