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World Cigar Smoking Championship 2017

As of today, the 2017 calendar of the World Cigar Smoking Championship has been official. Last year, a qualifying round was held for the first time in France, and this year qualifying rounds will be held for the first time in new countries such as Spain and Greece.

As every year, the Grand Final will take place in Split between 1-3 September and I am sure that a weekend of magnificence that will not look like the past years will engrave in the memory of cigar lovers.

2017 CSWC Official Qualifying Round Dates

Bangkok: 16th March
Dusseldorf: March 25
Helsinki: 1st April
Gothenburg: April 15
Oslo: April 19
St. Petersburg: April 29
Nashville: April 12
Chicago: May 18
New York City: May 20
Pasedena: The date is not yet clear
Las Vegas: the date is not yet clear
Copenhagen: May 26-28
Warsaw: 3rd June
Amsterdam: date not yet clear
Tallinn: June 9-11
London: June 15
Rome: June 17th
Barcelona: date not yet clear
Paris: June 24th June
Glyfada: the date is not yet clear
Bad Ragaz: 1st July
Montenegro: the date is not yet clear

Darren Cioffi, whom I witnessed with my own eyes in the qualifier in Paris in 2016, broke the world record by smoking 2 hours and 50 minutes. This time is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reach with the Mareva vitola.

Stephan Brichau blending the championship-exclusive Macanuda Inspirado Mareva cigar. It is a really enjoyable smoking cigar blend. Everyone who attended the championship sincerely repeated this.

Last year I won the Bad Ragaz qualifier with 1 hour and 29 minutes, but I missed the Split final where I qualified with this winner. I hope I can go to Bad Ragaz again this year, at least to defend my first place.

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