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... and the Final

After the long qualifying rounds and dozens of travels, Marko Bilic finally finished the Cigar Smoking World Championship final in Split, one of the rare cities of Croatia, home of himself and his club. Maybe there was no world record like in previous years, but the final, in which 90 competitors participated, was won by Swiss Mirko Giotto with a time of 2:32. The tournament, in which Darren Cioffi, who holds the world record, also participated, turned into a 3-day feast.

Principle Cigars and Chivas Regal, Cuervo y Sabrinos, as well as the cigar supplier Macanudo, also supported the championship in the contest, which was also sponsors by Cigar Journal this year. Bespoke Cigar also presented a limited series of cigars for the final of the championship for the first time this year.

I am aware that I missed an excellent program from cigar wrapping lessons in the first days to the yacht tour on the Dalmatian coast in the championship final, which I unfortunately could not attend, although I was invited to the finals because I won the Swiss qualifying leg Big Alpine Smoke, but maybe next year.

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