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World Cigar Smoking Championship

Switzerland Qualifying Round


The last qualifying round of this year's World Cigar Smoking championship, the Swiss leg - Big Alpine Smoke , took place in early July. But both times did not write my point of view, very nice, both in terms of Turkey as a result have resulted.

Qualification has always been held in Bad Ragaz in recent years. It was held in Zurich for the first time this year. It was good for both new faces and new friendships, and what they say, there is spaciousness in the unique place, it really happened. The venue is a venue called QN World. At the edge of the forest, with its garden, terrace, different restaurant and lounge, it is a place converted from an old mill. It is a very crowded, pleasant place.

As always, the night starts with a light cocktail. Competitors meet, those who have met from previous years have already started the conversation. One of the most enjoyable aspects of such organizations is their conversation.


I buy a glass of rum and one of Patoro cigars, one of the sponsor Swiss leg sponsors, and start the conversation. There are three sections in the lounge. The middle part where the main bar is, the left part with the table layout only and the right part with the more comfortable armchairs, sofas and humidor. Of course, I choose a place on the right and leave my participation number to one of the tables. When I look up, we meet the record holder, Darren Cioffi. I remember from London, he wasn't going to come to Zurich. He is sitting alone smoking. Afterwards, I understand that when the record is taken away, he will come to Zurich, which is the last official leg, and try to regain the record. Since he was smoking for over 3 hours, he sat down with a referee and started smoking. After everyone is merging slowly, the hour of the competition is coming and everyone takes their places. Marko Bilic starts the competition by reading the instructions and rules with his classic animated presentation.


There are over 30 entries and everyone is quite assertive. The eyes are on them, especially since it is unclear what exactly the new participants will do. Cigars are cut and burned, the clock starts ticking. Until the end of an hour, relatively few participants turn off their cigars compared to other competitions. If it's just over an hour, Darren Cioffi makes a total of 3 hours and 16 minutes, but unfortunately this is not enough to break the record. Subsequently, fading begins with short time intervals and the competitors begin to be eliminated. 2 hours pass and 6-7 people stay. Among them, I am and two new participants. After two hours, those who have brought their cigars to the full will also run out of cigars. Me and a Swiss stay in the last two. Both of our cigars are very close to each other. Occasionally, when cigars start to burn incorrectly, we waste time correcting it. My eyes on the clock, my ears on the news coming from Marko's microphone. And finally, Marko announces that the Swiss cigar goes out. As of that moment, I have two options. I will either quit or try to break my own record. By the way, because I am very close to the tape, I also have the opportunity to get second place by burning it and getting 15 minutes penalty points.

I am challenging myself by choosing the second option. I smoke for another 16 minutes and the risk of falling into second place with punishment disappears. The more I can smoke after that minute, the higher I can raise my own time. When Marko told me that after 2 hours and 34 minutes, I would be in the top 20 with the longest smoking, I decided to push it even more by taking the ship short. When the last smoke comes out of my cigar, the hour shows 2 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds and I have carried the Turkish Flag to the top 20 and at the same time I have taken the first place.


Then we go to dinner. Outside, the barbecue was already burned out, but everyone was waiting for my cigar to end. While accepting the congratulations, I also apologize to everybody a little bitterly, for keeping me waiting.

Again, we close the night with dinner and an after party, accompanied by sponsors' cigars, beer and wine.

So, after winning the Swiss leg for the second time, for the first time I am participating in Split as a winner in the final. Let's see who will be the World Champion this year. I think the Turkish Flag will suit the top.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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