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A new concept in Paris ... Cigar Truck

Recently, a very interesting project has been implemented in Paris. Although the project has similar ones, especially in America, I haven't come across it in the European continent yet. The original name of the project is Cigar Truck, we can also call it the Cigar Minibus.

Behind the project is Manu Harit, the youngest Master of Havana, which some of us may remember from both the London Corinthia Hotel's cigar lounge and Edward Sahakian's shop.

So, what exactly is this Cigar Van? According to the details I got from Manu, in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, at the bottom of the Paris Aquarium, with cigars from EUR8.- to EUR75.-, which looks like a mobile but looks like our wrap vans and stands stationary. a cigar van.

When I asked why Manu created such a thing in Paris, although he lived in London, he said that he chose Paris because it is the gastronomic capital and especially because its scenery is invaluable. He added that the laws restrict the consumption of cigars in France, but despite this, there are quite a few people consuming cigars. Seeing London as the center of the cigar, Manu thinks that there are already many places for cigars here, so Paris, on the contrary, has more opportunities and appetites for creative projects.

Cigar Truck, which will officially open on June 30, will be open every Wednesday until the beginning of September, between 15:30 and 00:00. I would definitely see the Cigar Truck, which is located in the touristic center of Paris, if you happen to be in Paris during your summer vacation. If you can stop by, don't be surprised if you see Atilla, which you will remember from Edward Sahakian Cigar Lounge in Bvlgari London.

Enjoyable smoking ...

Cigar Truck
Cigar Truck Açılış Davetiye
Manu Harit
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