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Cigar Emoji Suggestion and Result


Mobile phones have rapidly changed our lifestyles with the convenience they provide and the features that are renewed every year since the first day they were launched. It reduced our level of communication to talking on the phone rather than face-to-face, then texting instead of talking on the phone. Now, because of its speed and comfort, no one can even hear the proper voice of anyone. Naturally, new communication methods gave birth to their own new needs.

As you know, when talking on the phone, it is not very possible for us to use our body language as it is face to face, even not at all. Even if we use it, it is not possible for the other party to see it. Therefore, there may be misunderstandings, breakdowns, and even resentments. I have lived, I know, but I'm sure you did too. Reducing communication to the level of messaging has also revealed a situation that is more prone to misunderstanding due to the lack of voice communication. This has led people to convey their feelings to the other side with different character combinations since the first messaging days. For example, a simple "Don't do it ...." sentence can be conveyed to the other party with different emotions, with different character combinations behind it:

Don't do it ... :-( = When you get some sad news

Don't do it ... :-) = When good news is received

Don't yaaa ...> :-( = Angry

These were, of course, more often used in the primitive times of messaging. Today, these character combinations have been replaced by a concept called Emoji. In line with the development of screen and phone technologies, the depth and types of graphics that can be used on the screen have increased over time. Now, thanks to Emojis, the transfer of emotions is much more accurate and easy. It so happened that the words Emojis began to take their place. For example, people can now use the Cake Emoji instead of typing "Cake".

Today, like every character when typing with the keyboard, Emojis are standardized under the name Unicode (Universal Code) , an industry standard developed by the Unicode Consortium (Consortium) organization that assigns a numeric value to each character. The aim of the system is to ensure that different character encoding systems work consistently with each other and that texts from all writing systems in the world can be represented under a single standard in the computer environment. The ISO / IEC 10646 standard, known as the Universal Character Set ( UCS ), has the same numerical equivalents with the cooperation of both organizations. Unicode, as of its latest version, includes more than 120,000 characters from 129 different modern and historical writing systems and various symbol sets such as emoji. - Because this paragraph is too technical, I got help from Wikipedia :-D

In short, after the emoji characters used in today's phones are accepted, created and standardized by the UniCode Consortium, they are added to the phone keyboards by technology companies according to their preferences. Today, anyone who can take some time in front of the computer and write a small term paper can write to the Unicode Consortium and suggest an emoji they want. If it is accepted that this is a long process and takes place after the approval of several committees, your emoji takes its place on the keyboards of phones and tablets.

Based on this, I worked on a Cigar Emoji to present to the committee in August 2018 and prepared a proposal. The proposal I submitted in August 2018 was originally sent back for revision in November 2018. By doing an additional study, I submitted my proposal to the committee again last November. My goal is actually simple, there are many necessary, unnecessary characters with emojis from fly, insect, cake to master, but one of them is not emoji that can be used instead of cigars. Why should we cigar lovers not have an emoji to express themselves comfortably?

About 5 months have passed, and today we got an answer:

Your "Cigar" Emoji proposal has been reviewed by the committee. The category "Object" where the emoji will be found is currently not a priority and your suggestion was therefore rejected.

Thus, for the moment, the Cigar emoji that I wanted to add and which I presented using the cigar image on the side, which we see in many places, was rejected. Nevertheless, I will chase this job a little more in order to be an emoji that we cigar lovers can use, I do not know if the end will come somewhere, but if there is a recommendation from someone who has dealt with these things before, I will be happy to listen.

See you on Cigar Emojis days.

Enjoyable smoking ...

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