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El Lector elected as Cigar Cities Istanbul Ambassador

There is no passing day that a new cigar place is not opened in a corner of the world, a new cigar fair or a cigar invitation is held. Of course, it is not possible for a person to catch all of them. Cigar Cities set out with the theme "An ambassador for every city" as a remedy for the situation.

Among his ambassadors, there are various members from the best sommeliers in these cities to those who produce tobacco products, from shopkeepers to cigar enthusiasts. While the ambassadors introduce their cities in terms of cigar and cigar culture, they inform each other about innovations in the international arena both when they meet face to face and through different methods.

Cigar Cities, which recently celebrated its third year, recently elected el Lector as the Istanbul Ambassador of Cigar Cities. This is both an exciting situation for El Lector.

My suggestion is to take a look at Cigar Cities in the city you are going to, where you can smoke cigars and where to buy cigars before any of your travels. It is a good resource that anyone can use.

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